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Buckeye Lures was founded in the year 2000 by father and son Roy and Jeremy Altman. The early years were spent hand pouring lead headed jigs and sonar blades to stock some of the local tackle shops in the area surrounding Clark Hill Lake. In 2001 Roy Altman began retirement plans by fishing co-angler on the FLW tour and fulfilling a lifelong dream to fish national tournaments. While fishing with a pro during the Beaver Lake tournament he noticed a need for a stand up jighead to be used with all soft plastics. After doing some minor tooling the Spot Remover was born.

We began producing the Spot Remover and giving them to local fisherman around the area and other fisherman we came in contact with. We could see it had the ability to catch fish on any lake, any time of the year and any species that was targeted. In April of 2003 Roy Altman was fortunate enough to win the FLW Beaver Lake Co-Angler title catching every fish on the Spot Remover. The media and consumers immediately took notice to the unique design and sales began to climb. With our foot firmly in the door of most the major retailers and distributors it allowed us to expand our line into jigs and other jigheads in the few years after that.

Fast forward to the current year and there are few fisherman that do not know the name Buckeye Lures. The company has multiple articles in Bassmaster, FLW magazine and a host of other publications showing its nationwide influence on the jig and jighead market. With products like the Spot Remover, Mop Jig, Jwill Swimbait head and Flat Top jig, Buckeye Lures has firmly established itself as a competitor in the national tackle market. With a strong pro staff on both the Bassmaster Elites and FLW tour designing products and giving input into how to improve products, Buckeye Lures will continue to push the envelope for innovative jigs and jigheads. Keep up with Buckeye Lures and its pros on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily updates of new products and tournament wins.